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Unicorn in the Garden

This little fellow was wriggling around on the rock path. The liquid secretion, and it’s jerky reaction when touched, leads me to think it was preparing to spin it’s chrysalis. The kids and I put it up on an Echinacea leaf in hopes to witness the process. Of course, it has disappeared.

But our curiosity remains …. what IS that caterpillar? Using our observational skills we can see; no hair, it’s about 2 inches long, green underside and purplish top, single black horn, and black spots along the ribs. I can’t tell which is the back or front, but the end opposite the horn has a faint gold band. My guess would be the end opposite the horn is the head. The whole upper body shows little white pore-like raised spots.

So we sent in an inquiry to the Bug Guy at What’s That BugĀ ….. which you can do too if you find a mystery caterpillar. Be sure to check out the ones already on there … I have never seen such wormy wonders!

I’ll let you know what it turns out to be…. maybe you already know!


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