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UPDATE: So far the weather looks like it will be just fine, maybe even very pretty – but if we do get RAIN and have to cancel, the notice will be sent to the google group AND posted here by 3:00. Make a phone buddy if you won’t be by your PC since I will not have the time to call everyone individually. Thanks and hope for the best!

To all Great Hollow Registrants:

Wow! I can’t believe it’s that time already. Family night is this Saturday! I can’t wait to see all your familiar faces and finally meet all the new families too. I’m looking forward to you all coming together on our common foundations through Great Hollow for a fun night of community. Some of our staff will be there and you’ll have a chance to meet them to!

Andy’s been amazing this week bringing us up to speed on fire building, tracking, nature games, and many traditions of Great Hollow. Emily and Joe who are new to the Homeschool program are bringing fresh energy and creativity just ready to brew up a huge pot of fun and Natural learning. Whendi brings her expertise in Critical thinking, oral traditions, arts, and music for a dynamic new level of understanding. Ethan and Melissa will of course be infusing our programs with seasoned experience in Primitive skills, natural awareness, contagious enthusiasm and wonder, and much more. Our new Wilderness Challenge instructor, Dave, has designed a semester of survival scenarios that will elicit new teamwork and bravery from the students. 

We also have two new adjunct instructors, Justin and Janet! Justin, coming to us from Two Coyotes Wilderness School, brings a well of knowledge in perfect alignment with Great Hollow objectives. Janet comes to us with extensive experience working in areas of environmental education and Audubon volunteer work.

I can’t possibly do them justice here in this short moment, for each of these instructors is slated to have their own profile on here as soon as we can….. but I couldn’t help but give you a little peek into the realm of wisdom that will be ready for your child to utilize.

SO, back to family night. Come between 4:30 and 5:00. We’ll be holding an opening circle at 5:00, hopefully sharp. Then you all can relax into your picnic (BYO) and talk with each other.

This is an informal fundraiser for Great Hollow Homeschool…. please help us raise money for some outstanding adjunct instructors and educational materials!! Please bring some petty cash or change jar extras – thank you!


1)Parking: Please park up at the first lot, where the 5 car garage/barn is. Walk further down, hang a left and follow the noise to the back!

2)The Climbing wall is OFF LIMITS. I’m bringing this to your attention because in a free form atmosphere, the kids are likely to want to climb on it, but it’s not set up for use, or facilitated, so even though they can see it, it cannot be used. Thank you for your attention on this.

3)Alcohol and cigarettes are not allowed.

TIP: Bring a couple good flashlights, and warm layers.

OK I think that covers that. So far I have two helpers for the afternoon to help construct a fire pit (start at 1:00 pm)…… I would LOVE a few more volunteers to help move big rocks and to bring some firewood (or go into the forest and gather), that would be awesome. Just send me an email!

See you there!


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