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Good Hard Skills

As romantic a notion it is… this idea of living of the land, doing things as they used to, and tribal or Pioneer living, it is easy to theorize that the simplistic is ‘easy’. Nothing brings us back to reality like good old fashioned hard labor. An invisible but visceral experience of achievement can be much greater for a hard earned, small, Black Ash Basket, than a frustrating exchange of unloved work for a full shopping bag. This group spent most of the day rendering perfect strips of basket material, from hand made Oak and Hickory clubs, and I have to say they have a good stock of elbow grease. Interwoven (no pun intended) through the day was a plant mission, a blindfold drumstalk, grinding of Spicebush berries, journaling, dramatic storytelling, and plenty of teamwork.

For those of you who share my passion for plants, you may enjoy this link on Black Ash. One amazing tree!



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