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One of the nice side effects of working with a bow drill, is that it creates the most lovely incense. The little pocket where the drill creates friction smoulders the wood just so, dropping a small coal below and releasing the fragrant smoke above. Ethan has been perfecting his coal carrying techniques, which you see in the photo, so that the students can learn as well. In the meantime, the five car smells like a welcome sanctuary. 

practice practice practice…….

And what are these two buff Pioneers up to? Well, it’s not an injured rock. It’s a clever way of transporting the building materials needed for the structure. I have to say, the teamwork was impeccable! If effort were anything less than 100%, I don’t think they could have accomplished as much as they did. 

What better way to introduce both geothermal and radiant heat, than to build a stone firepit? 

Whendi was voted mvp for hauling in some of the most massive rocks. Everyone enjoyed the success of the stones at the end of the day. Next week they will begin building the wooden frame. 

On the other side of Great Hollow, the Wilderness Challenge group was having their own summit. This was so exciting to watch! Each carefully placed foot, then hand, and another steady push towards the top. Each instructor had their own personal way of cheering and supporting each climber as they leaned into their harness at ground level.

Everyone made it to the top of both sides. Not easy!

Did I mention the morning was cold? The scouts decided to come inside for a couple games, to reclaim their warmth before heading back outside. The scouts’ day was filled with fun and games, including bat and moth, a Jungle Book poetry hike, the dragon game, and a tastey encounter with the ‘root beer’ tree.

Lucky for us we have a beautiful yoga room to use when we need to warm up.

By the end of a discovery filled day, they had completed a beautiful and festive wreath to adorn our place. 

Friday’s early morning brought beautiful frost, highlighting some of the vibrant fall foliage.

But the day warmed up, enough for some extraordinary bird sits (scarecrow replaced by kid!) And they all had a chance to be a first hand bird feeder. The stories are still swirling around about the various different birds, the chimpunks crawling up legs, and the blue jay stare-down. We should be in for more this week if the weather lets up.

A journey to collect pomacious fruits was a colorful endeavor. The rose hips are sweet and ripe, and the apples are still crispy. Did you know that apples, roses, cherries, and peaches are all in the same plant family?


Some delicious vitamin C syrup was made by the Jr Naturalists, a timely project during cold season!

The microscouts had a different idea of how to use the round fruits :). As a three dimensional element of their lanscape portrait, of course! This apple became quite the masterpeice. Each student took a mental photograph while on their hike, and brought the image back to paint. It was a day of great artistic appreciation and expression, each one unique and beautiful in it’s own right!

I was also informed that painting is often more effective than the spoken word. Perhaps facial expressions are too?


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