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dad-and-sage-making-arrowsHappy New Year Everyone! I hope you all have had a joyful holiday season and are rested up for another adventurous time with us at Great Hollow. As you can see, the vibe seems to travel with us no matter where we are; the flint knapping class has inspired some off season arrow making and memorable Father-Son time.

The snow has been beautiful and promises some clear tracking  days ahead if you are signed up for the Saturday club with Ethan and Nick. Justin and Whendi are gearing up for a multi-faceted creative endeavor with those of you who will be coming to our full semester of StoryLand (I can’t WAIT for this class!). In addition, we are blessed to have an exceptional, seasoned herbalist/author/artist/ethnobotanist with us each week – Barrie Kavasch, who once apon a time taught with our founder Eva Rupert. 

Looking ahead, now is the time for planting the seeds of our future at Whole Earth Homeschool. Do you have ideas? Do you know people who would make awesome instructors? Do you have a vision of Great Hollow that you want to see flourish? Well don’t stay quiet…. it is YOU my dear Homeschool families, that propel us to keep going and growing – so write those ideas down and send them on over to me. Planning ahead is going to be key this year. 

Thanks for coming together and making the Fall of 2008 our most abundant yet. 

See you soon!



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