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Have you ever wondered as you’ve hiked through the woods which plants were edible or which plants would be just the thing to rub on an itchy poison ivy rash?

Well, the summer reading program, ONE BOOK ONE LAKE, is co-sponsoring a family hike on Saturday, June 27 at 9 a.m. that will highlight wild plants for food and medicine. Great Hollow Wilderness School, the regional YMCA, located at 225 Route 37 in New Fairfield is co-sponsoring the hike on its 896 acre property.

Ananda Wilson, the Whole Earth Home School Director at the Great Hollow Wilderness School in New Fairfield will be leading this informative two-three hour family hike. A second generation backyard herbalist, Ms. Wilson informs: “We will get up close and personal with some of the abundant local plants which have provided Native Americans with food and medicine for centuries. We’ll hike along some of the most scenic areas of the property and take note of the incredible biodiversity.

With wilderness and farms vanishing at an alarming rate, the 896 acres of protected land at Great Hollow proves to be a goldmine of natural history and a place of hope for a sustainable future…Among the canopy of hemlocks along the rushing river, we may find some endangered species to admire, or we may find a glorious stand of wild bee balm in the meadow, known for it’s gentle yet potent anti-viral action as a tea and spice in place of oregano.”

Great Hollow is the oldest non-profit outdoor education program in Connecticut and has been creating and managing change trough experimental education for over 35 years. With strong foundations in adventure programming, leadership, development, and diversity education to Upward Bound and other school-based/educational opportunity programs, Great Hollow also has expanded to natural awareness and primitive programs, camps for children with specific educational needs, freshman college orientations, and home school programs.

Register for this upcoming Great Hollow hike by calling the school: 203-746-5852. Please bring plenty of water and note this outing is not handicapped accessible. For more program details, go to www.onebookonelake.org.

(Article arranged and co-written by Suzi Mitchell)


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