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Greg Anderson 003Hi everyone!  My name is Greg Anderson and I will be co-teaching the Wilderness Skills, Pioneer and Jr. Naturalist classes here at Great Hollow.  I am very excited to bring my skills as a primitive technologist, craftsman, tracker, and wilderness survival expert to the children I will be working with.  It was my privilege to learn these skills from various books and mentors such as Errett Callahan, Tom Brown Jr., and many less famous but very dedicated friends.

I have been studying the vast scope of wilderness survival and all of its facets (like herbalism, naturalism, ethnobotany, etc.) for eight years now and I am still learning new things daily.  Currently my partner Dena and I work at a local farm, implementing our skills in organic gardening and living closer to our visions of permaculture. Nature itself is limitless in it’s aspects and variations, and it is my passion.  Everything in modern society can be accounted for in a wilderness setting, from basic needs to comfortable leisure, and I find that when living the in the ways that are closest to nature I come closer to understanding my own.

Looking forward to meeting all of you,



Greg, Dena, and their baby Maple joined my kids and I for a hike and orientation at the Hollow last week. As you will see below, it didn’t take long for everyone to feel at home. Greg brings a refreshing combination of openness and knowledge to our staff that I feel will be in perfect alignment with our ways of learning and discovery. Greg, along with Broch (photo and intro hopefully up soon) will be co-teaching each of the courses formerly lead by Ethan. Broch has already been working at great Hollow for some time now, with Nature’s Chorus summer camp and has undergone full Great Hollow staff training. Together I am confident they will provide a wide range of adventure, mentorship, traditions, skills, and accomplishment.

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