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It’s the peak of spring and Whole Earth Homeschool is off to a blossoming start. The water is glistening with beauty and the woods are filling in fast with lush greenery.
The old apple trees of Great Hollow, a former orchard, are exploding with sweetness all over the place, a reminder of the fleeting moments in spring, as well as the fall harvest we anticipate.
The students and staff have been exploring adventures such as fire challenges, rappelling, blindfold tag, bow-drill skills, and the botanical mysteries and wonders of flowers. There never seems to be enough time in the day to explore and learn all that we wish.
And of course, as much as we plan our lessons, prepare our day, and carve our time slots, nature always delivers her own agenda. Rain, water filled trails, thorn bushes, and fleeting gallops by the coyote deliver us the most vital awarenesses of all.

And so with the momentum of the season, we run with it.


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