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Hello All!

The Amazing Micro Scouts are seeking a few more intrepid explorers age 4-6 to join their crew!

The class is scheduled to run with a focus on Quaker Brook and our Fridays will be filled with eco-games and explorations to build a sense of comfort in the natural world… We’ll be tracking along the water’s edge, learning about the animals and their homes, sharing water stories from around the world, creating nature crafts that float and fly, making maps, learning lostproofing techniques to keep us safe and found in the big outdoors… guaranteed to be tons of learning, play and fun!


I’ll be doing an info-session this coming Tuesday, April 5th at 10am for anyone interested… If you’d like to see the facilities or have questions regarding the program, this would be a great opportunity.  If you’re debating whether or not to enroll, now is the time! All Whole Earth Families are welcome to attend and please pass this message along to anyone you feel might be interested.

Please let me know if you plan to join us and wear sturdy shoes for short hike around the beautiful property!

Thank you all so much!

Eva Rupert
Whole Earth Homeschool Program Coordinator
Great Hollow Wilderness School YMCA



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Join Clinical Herbalist, Plant Lover, and exceptional Great Hollow Homeschool Mentor for…

A Summer of Healing with the Plants

a nature immersion learning experience for adults

at Great Hollow Wilderness School ~ 800 acres of educational sanctuary land

Wild Medicine Intensive ~ June 26 & June 27
During this weekend intensive learn to identify, harvest and turn our wild local medicinal plants into useful remedies to stock the pantry. Fee: $125; materials fee: $25

Talking with Trees ~ July 17

In this day-long exploration of the Tree Nation, learn about trees in their natural habitats; explore folklore and tree symbolism; medicinal uses of various parts of trees and harvesting and preparation of tree medicines.
Fee: $62.50; materials fee $15

Flower Essences ~ July 18

Spend a day among the flowering plants of New England. Learn the techniques for making your own Flower Essences, the energetic medicine of the flower. Fee: $62.50; materials fee $15

The Herbal Kitchen ~ July 24

Explore your pantry! Learn about the spices and ingredients you already have at home and how they can be used to make effective home remedies for your family. Fee: $62.50; materials fee $15

Intensive Medicinal Plant Walk ~ July 25
Explore our forests, fields, rivers and gardens and learn about the medicinal, edible and functional uses of New England native plants and common weeds. Fee: $62.50

*Advanced cash only materials fee and $25 deposit is required. 10% discount for multiple classes.*

~ All classes from 9 am to 3 pm ~

For information call Great Hollow Wilderness School 203-746-5852

Thanks and please spread the word!

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Howdy Folks of Great Hollow,

I’m Daniel Quiray, and this spring I’ll be helping Greg with teaching the Wilderness Skills Class.  For over a decade I’ve been actively involved in learning, practicing, and teaching “primitive” skills, the skills that indigenous people worldwide have used to live for thousands of years.  In particular the physical technologies and gathering of plant materials have interested me and consumed many hours of my time.  I also spend a lot of time foraging, kayaking, and exploring, on top of reading and writing and occasionally making my own hair-gel (after all, not all of wilderness living is subsistence).

As a recent graduate of Rhode Island College’s School of Anthropology, I gained invaluable experience and insight into the traditional lifeways of indigenous people throughout the world, but especially those in our own backyard.  This education has dovetailed nicely with my long held interest in primitive and wilderness living, as well as my belief that living sustainably and in tune with our landbases is important not only for our own satisfaction but for the freedom and wellbeing of the rest of our human and non-human relations.

I see these skills as the base, the roots, that allows us to create cultures in tune with the rest of the world, cultures in which people live freely.  From these roots we can grow a healthy tree.  I’m very glad to have the opportunity to work with a great group of people doing something so important, and I’m sure I’ll have a great time with all of the young people enrolled.  I look forward to a future in which we’re once again free to live indigenously, and I’m excited to play a part in that.

See you in the woods!

Daniel N. Quiray

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Hi Great Hollow Friends,

My name is Darcey Blue French, and I’ll be teaching at Great
Hollow this spring in the Jr. Naturalist and Scouts programs!   I have
spent much of my life, both during childhood and as an adult enjoying,
learning about, and getting deeply intimate with the wild, natural
places on our great Earth.  I am an herbalist, and nutritionist by
trade, but deeply passionate about wild medicines, wild foods, and
deep nourishment of the body, mind and spirit through connection with
nature, and our relationships with plants, animals, water, food and

I’ve worked in and studied the natural world and nature skills in
various ways over the years, including backcountry work for the Forest
Service, primitive/wilderness skills courses, camping, backpacking,
wild plant identification, wild foods preparation and cooking, nature
awareness, ecology, organic gardening and more!

I’m deeply honored and excited to be able to work closely with the
children and parents of Great Hollow to awaken, deepen, and nourish
the love, understanding and living experience of nature, wilderness
and the Earth.  I am so hopeful for our future when I think of
children and families who are knowledgeable, confident and empowered
to value themselves, their connections to life, the people in their
community and the ecosystem in which they live.  Looking forward to
meeting you all very soon and having adventures aplenty in the fields
and forests of Great Hollow!

~Darcey Blue French

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(Click “Registration” in above navigation links to access the registration files, which also list costs)

feather-and-lichenAfter so much snow this year I think we are more ready than ever for Spring! Of course, we could get a noreaster at any moment now. 🙂 But none-the-less we are indeed gearing up for our Spring Homeschool semester. Wohoo! 

I wanted to announce to everyone the additions of TWO NEW PROGRAMS …. in response to our growing family needs and feedback. On Tuesday, we will be offering the EXPLORERS …. for ages 7-11. Folks who’s older children take the wilderness skills, you now have a option for your younger children as well.  Wednesday we will be offering PIONEERS 1 ….. for new or first year Pioneers. Many Pioneers have been here now for two or three years, and are ready to do new things and not repeat. It will give all of our Pioneers, both new and returning, a much richer curriculum. 

So…. our Spring will look like THIS:

(All days are from 9am – 3pm.)


Wilderness Skills ages 12-17. *FULL*

This spring will be concentrated on Bow and Arrow skills…. *please be sure your child has theirs in advance.* Plenty of camouflage attire is recommended!

Habitat Explorers ages 7-11. *In Need of MORE participants

Lots of exploring! Hiking, collecting, games, identification, tracking, animal stalking, and creative learning. A bit of everything. I’d like this group to evolve  into a “green” group, taking on subjects and projects pertaining to conservation and sustainability. 


Pioneers 1: CANCELED



Wilderness Challenge  *FULL*

Ages: 11-17
Emphasis: Physical challenges, survival skills and first aid, teamwork initiatives, navigation, wild food and water, tracking, shelters. Our most physically demanding program.
Scouts  *Still room
Ages: 7-9
Emphasis: Foundational nature skills, habitats, weather, storytelling, history,  plant and animal studies, eco-games, nature projects, positive social skills, and more
Pioneers 2   *FULL
Ages 9-12
Emphasis: Intermediate Nature skills and discovery; building projects, eco-games, teamwork, camouflage, tracking, awareness skills, fire building, traditions.
Micro-Scouts    *Still room
Ages 4-6
Emphasis: Observations, eco-games, nature art, collecting and sorting, examining and inquiry, hiking, weather, story, animals and plants, respect.
Jr. Naturalist    *FULL
Ages 7-14
Emphasis: Observational skills, botany and herbal medicine making, animal/nature symbiosis, eco-games, nature journals, tracking, birdwatching, conservation, and some primitive skills.

OK that’s the nutshell! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Click on the registration link up top for the documents.

Be well – Ananda

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ARE YOU, or some one you know…..

~Passionate about Nature? 

~Concerned about caretaking our Earth?

~Great with kids?

~High energy, creative, motivated to make a difference?

~Knowledgeable about Nature and/or primitive skills and excited to provoke other’s curiosities?

~Passionate about education reform, or alternative education?

Looking for a place to integrate and apply your gifts? Come to Great Hollow!


Whole Earth Homeschool is hiring! Come and be a part of a unique and vibrant community of families and educators committed to Nature and to experiential learning. We offer nearly 900 acres of breathtaking land to learn from… replete with rivers, forest, field, bogs mountains, trails, abundant wildlife and rich biodiversity. 

Our team of staff members provide training, curriculum and leadership support, and supplemental development resources to help feed your passion and further your personal growth.

Harvest an incredible experience of reciprocity, challenge and endless fun.

Contact me (Ananda, coordinator) or print out an application and send it in. (please note that the forward does not address the Homeschool program, but rather the regular GH staff – the below forms are what we need.

The schedules are on the calendar linked above if you need dates. 

In Green ~ Ananda


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Due to popular demand…. we have added an extended late fall session! This is so exciting… the first time we have been able to offer this option. So for you die hards out there… sign up fast! These will run for the first three weeks of December.  

An important note you should be aware of is that the Pioneers will CAP at 12 students. We are nearly full. 

The session includes three of our programs: 

Wilderness Skills: Tuesdays 

Pioneers: Thursdays

Jr. Naturalists: Fridays  

All classes, 9 am to 3pm 

The registration form is here

or also found on the registration page of this blog.

If you are returning – you do not have to fill out another waiver and med form.

Happy Hollowing!

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