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Lower Dip, Great Hollow

Lower Dip, Great Hollow

Families of Great Hollow, and considering families….

This week is staff training! Which means I am fully focused on cultivating great mentors and facilitators for your children. It also means I don’t have the same amount of time or energy to dedicate to replies and registrations.

So, if you are waiting for a response, are unsure of your enrollment, or any other miscellaneous ends that you think are loose, please do EMAIL ME with your question or reminder ……. BUT you must include information so I don’t have to puzzle piece through, even if I know you 🙂 Your FULL Name, your child’s names and ages, plus what program they are in or wish to be in.  I will do my best to answer emails at night.

If you have not yet sent in your registration forms, please do. These records are really important. I will have extra waivers and med forms on the table the first week – but it’s better if we don’t have to eat up time with paperwork.

Thank you for your patience and support while I am in a learning curve and I truly hope I am serving you all well.


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