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This fall Dan and I will be shifting into skills not covered in the previous two sessions.

In the forefront will be a formal sharpening lecture with arrow making close behind. This will be setting up the class to delve into the skills needed to become a successful bow hunter which will involve hunting strategy, awareness exercises, ground blinds and the instinctive shooting method. So bring your bow. Fishing and trapping will also be a pert of this falls curriculum. But lets not forget about plant food, as we will be getting a firm grasp on all the gifts offered by the “big four” survival plant families including utilitarian, medicinal, and edible properties. Yes they are edible too! There will be shelter building of course, but that will not be the main focus at this point.

Fire making, martial arts, awareness, and survival, whats not to love! Expect a great session for all those who are coming!

And to add to this, Dan will be facilitating indigenous communication and problem solving techniques, based on writings by Jeannette Armstrong:

“To the Okanagan People, as to all peoples practicing bio-regionally self-sufficient economies, the knowledge that the total community must be engaged in order to attain sustainability is the result of a natural process of survival. The practical aspects of willing teamwork within a whole-community system clearly emerged from experience
delineated by necessity. However, the word cooperation is insufficient to describe the organic nature by which members continue to cultivate the principles basic to care-taking one another and other life forms, well beyond necessity.”


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